Harvest and Christmas approaching-where are you with your “stuff”

It’s all just stuff……..

I find it interesting to now have a different perspective on my “stuff”. I have never been known to have clutter — that has always been my nature (even as a kid!). My reasoning behind that behavior I think, is that was something I could control (that’s a whole other topic for another day perhaps). I have just recently had to move for the third time in the past two and a half years after having had my personal life turned upside down then. That experience (moving) should cure anyone of not wanting so much “stuff”!

My first move required the sell of my house of twenty six years (and again I’m not known for clutter) yet I was challenged with “whoa! I have a lot of stuff!” when I had to deal with it all. So, I’ve always wanted to make sure I “walked my talk” since I do help people with what to do with their clutter by clutter-clearing, Feng Shui, redesign, interior design or with whatever method works for them. Of course when I am working with a client I don’t have that emotional attachment to their “stuff” so it’s never been difficult for me to work through the process with them (even though that varies tremendously with clients). Yet, going through my stuff and knowing (intellectually) I had to let go of a lot of it, of which I normally don’t have a problem doing, but emotionally it was a whole other experience. Now, having been forced to touch every single thing I owned and pushing myself to go through the process of letting go of more with each of my moves, I can proudly say I am now the most organized I have ever been!

Where I did acquire a different perspective on “stuff” was realizing the deep emotional ties we all do put on our “stuff” when we are confronted with the need to do something with it. On the other hand, I had to ask myself why do we do that? I think unfortunately we define ourselves way too much with our stuff. I love having beautiful, comfortable and necessary things to be surrounded with but I find most of us go way beyond that. I think it’s wonderful and necessary to have and keep up on the latest technology but what about all the old outdated worthless things? A lot of us are not even aware of how much unnecessary stuff we have (I wasn’t) and when you’re willing to go through that letting go process it’s such a freeing experience. I won’t deny that it was an extremely hard time for me going through that process time and time again and I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through that by themselves. Solution! Get your “stuff” handled by choice when you’re willing and happy!

With having moved on in my life and grown so much in the past two plus years I find having had to let go of so much stuff that I’ve opened up space to continue to grow and expand and that excites me (maybe I’ll be swept off to a tropical island!). Having kept only my favorite and necessary things life has become less unencumbered by my stuff. It’s an interesting phenomena that we’ve all heard and experienced is that you get back so much more of what you put out and let go of! Make it a rule that anytime you bring something new into your homes remove something at the same time.

I’m excited about the holidays approaching this year in that’s always been my favorite time to decorate and I could have decorated probably five whole houses with all that I accumulated over the years (that “stuff” was all that came down from the attic that I had that “whoa!” reaction). With as many of my Christmas decorations that I already had to let go of I know I still have way too much so I am actually looking forward to weaning those down this year too. And of course for any of you that would like your home decorated for the holidays you know that’s one of my design services I offer. Call ahead of time and book me– there’s only four weeks exactly after Thanksgiving this year before Christmas Day.

The theme of clutter and what it means and what it does in our lives sure has been my theme this year. I can now say though, I truly understand the process of letting go on a deeper level and all’s well as that being apart of a growing process.  Let’s get ready for a fabulous holiday season by having our homes embrace us and our loved ones surround us. Then let’s start the New Year on a fresh note with knowing we have created all that space to bring in new experiences of joy and beauty!

Blessings to all,

Judy/ Amazing Spaces



Posted on October 9, 2014 at 6:34 pm

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